Mail Order Secret: by Bess Hart

 Short story.
The crime plot is solid - and quite believable. The story started with some unusual twist, nicely done.
I most appreciate that the author wrote a "real" crime story and did not throw sex scenes in between. Nonetheless there is a love story in the background, decent and well worthy of grown-ups..

What is this book about?
 Katherine is speeding westbound in a monstrous, black steam train. She doesn’t believe in love and she never wants to have children. But, what she does believe in are second chances and new beginnings. So when she boards the train and leaves her past behind in Boston, she's relieved. Becoming a mail order bride wasn’t what she had planned. But now, a husband is waiting for her in Idaho, and by all accounts, he seems like a kind and honorable man—perfect for a mail order marriage of convenience. Luke is a born and bred pioneer. Despite his devastating smile and his ability to charm women, he decides to take a mail order bride from across the country. What she doesn’t know is that he, too, is hiding something he’s not sure she’ll accept. For both of them, conquering the West seems far easier than conquering love.

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